Exactly. The "Should we just throw out [X] to appease the PC police?" is a shitty, stupid non-argument that completely avoids the whole point of cultural criticism and historical revisionism. You can see a similar sentiment in the comments of this site's sister site Kotaku whenever the issue of feminist critique of… » 11/18/14 8:16am Tuesday 8:16am

He's also a tremendous asshole who has trolled comment boards. He's "graced" an art forum I belonged to, and the comment boards of a video game site I belong to, and in both cases, was petulant and rude on top of being a bigoted chauvinist. (In one hilarious bit of hubris, he dismissed the commentariat on the art… » 11/16/14 10:26am 11/16/14 10:26am

Yeah, MegaMan exists at the intersection point of Astro Boy and Super Sentai, and neither of those properties really lend themselves well to "gritty" adolescent-directed aesthetics. The X series, which seems more of a combination of sentai style with teen-directed anime fare like Casshan/Casshern, could maybe make the… » 11/12/14 7:03am 11/12/14 7:03am

Yeah, it's easy to poke fun a Japanese tentacle porn and panty fetishism while ignoring that those are a direct result of puritanical American occupying forces. Likewise it's easy to poke at the queasy combination of sexuality and prepubescence in many anime styles without realizing that Osamu Tezuka drew great… » 11/12/14 6:55am 11/12/14 6:55am

Another crummy pseudogospel "discovered" to affirm a tired Dan Brown-level "revelation" about Jesus. I guess there's something interesting about knowing that it's not only credulous Christians who are interested in contorting Christianity to affirm the status quo notion that settling down, fucking, and crapping out of… » 11/12/14 3:08am 11/12/14 3:08am

Denver was one of many, many generic, lazily-designed pop culture dinosaurs that little dinosaur-nerd me found insanely frustrating because I wanted to know what KIND of dinosaur he was, but he clearly wasn't designed by anyone who actually knew about any specific kinds of dinosaur. Eventually I decided he was… » 11/11/14 7:00pm 11/11/14 7:00pm

Asserting one's own subjective feelings (or moral/empathic failings) are simple objective 'reality' and 'facts of life' is truly noxious AND truly stupid argumentation. It's like homophobes who justify their hatred of gays because homosexuality is "obviously unnatural." » 11/08/14 7:18am 11/08/14 7:18am

You are right. People who self identify as "gamers" were, as usual, doing nothing relevant or constructive. Because self-identifying as a "gamer" is a major red-flag indicating that one has very little critical faculty and very little cultural or academic experience. It's a stupid, stupid term which should enver, ever… » 10/30/14 7:07am 10/30/14 7:07am