But that still leaves the question of why people in the States would want to work those shifts more. I'm guessing it's partly down to the U.S. having overall less economic equity, leaving people in the lower economic classes having to work odd or long hours for greater pay just to maintain cost of living. » 9/13/14 5:48am Saturday 5:48am

I think pop culture/fandom is too balkanized by the sheer volume and variety of content that can be delivered on-demand. Even huge cultural touchstones (Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad etc.) get a fraction of the ratings that shows like X-Files and so on did in the 90s. We'll never have a musical artist with the… » 8/30/14 6:33am 8/30/14 6:33am

I grew up Catholic, in a church that was very frank about past and present crimes of the church, which was frank about how the Church had kind of lazily backslid after the exciting calls for change during the Vatican II era, and which was frank about things like women not being ordained being unjust and something that… » 8/13/14 7:18pm 8/13/14 7:18pm

I quit Sierra games when I bought the LucasArts archives in middle school around '96. I had plenty of time to play the 'good' Sierra stuff - those middling late-period King's Quest games, the ugly and hokey but occasionally funny Space Quest games, and so on. Even the best Sierra had to offer (maybe Gabriel Knight?)… » 8/13/14 9:37pm 8/13/14 9:37pm